Two Way Dungeon

unity3d game c# ludum-dare

The game "Two Way Dungeon" was developed for the Ludum-Dare competition. Goal at the Ludum-Dare is to create a video game within 48 hours, according to a specific theme. The topic will be published at the start of the 48 hours. This time it was: "Two button controls".

The world in which this game plays is subjected by a Potato Monster King. The player, a soldier, has set himself the goal of defeating the potato monster king and bringing peace back to the world!



The player can complete the game with just two buttons. The buttons "Q" and "E". With these buttons the player can attack, dodge and move.


On the way to the potato monster king you meet his minions, the normal potato monsters. These must be defeated before you can advance to the King.

Boss fight

At the end of the game, a boss must be defeated. This shoots potatoes on you, which you have to dodge.


The game was developed with the Unity3D Engine. The game can be downloaded on Gamejolt for windows.

The complete programmiung and modelling was done by me, within 30 hours.


The graphics and models in this game have been as successful as I imagined. There is a tutorial at the beginning and screens for game-over and winning scenarios. Overall, this is a finished mini-game.

Project information