Planet of the Elements

unity3d game c#

The mini-game "Planet of the Elements" was developed for a game competition within 50 hours by two people. The player has the goal to kill enemies appering in waves without dying himself.

These enemies drop coins that the player can use in shops to buy random items and weapons. There are almost 20 different items and five different weapons.


Random items

There are almost 20 different items, all of which can be combined and interacted with. Some of the items must be used manually, while others have a continuous effect, such as attribute increases (speed, damage, etc.) or additional effects such as fire damage.

Enemys / Waves

A total of three enemies with completely different behaviors randomly spawn in waves in the world. One enemy is inactive until the players come near to it. Another enemy makes poison damage. Each wave is more difficult than the previous one, because on the one hand the enemies become stronger, but also more enemies appear.

Shops / Chests

Within the level are some shops and chests. For a certain amount, you can buy random items or weapons there.


The game was developed with the Unity3D Engine. The game can be found on Gamejolt. There is a web, windows, mac and linux version.

I was responsible for the complete programming. The graphics were done by Tobias Daniel, a friend of mine. A total of almost 50 hours have been spent on the project.


The development of this game was a lot of fun. We also came to the second round of the competition, but for reasons of time we had to cancel the project and leave the competition.

Project information