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The portfolio "jkniest.de" was developed as a platform to present me and my projects. Here on the site you will find some of my private works that I have developed and realized throughout my life.


I wanted a platform on which I can present myself and all my projects. After a brief reflection, I decided to make my own small portfolio.

The domain is easy to pass on or to append as a workplace reference.


Project overview

On the frontpage you will find an overview of all projects with cover image and hover effect. This overview gives you access to the project detail views.

Project details

As on this page, you can look at all the details about a specific project. Each project has some pictures. or videos that are displayed in a slider.

In the Meta-Information Box, you can directly access important information about the project at a glance.


The complete page is available in German and English. Every project and text has been translated and integrated so that information about my projects can be read internationally.

"Get in touch" section

The contact section makes it possible to link to various platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter.


The website was developed in the Laravel framework. The complete project, including source code, is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 and is available on Github.

The site was developed with the TDD method (test-driven development). This means all functions of this site are fully automated tested and in case of an error a report is sent to me.

During development 12 Laravel updates were carried out to keep up-to-date.


The objectives of the project were achieved. The site is a great platform for presenting my projects. There will be some changes in the following weeks or months. For example the integration of my work experiences.

Project information
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