unity3d game c# ludum-dare

The video game "Crigy" was developed for the Ludum-Dare competition. Goal at the Ludum-Dare is to create a video game within 72 hours, according to a specific theme. The topic will be published at the start. This time it was: "Running out of Power".

The game plays in an abandoned factory. You slip into the role of a robot that runs out of energy. The goal of the game is to activate the ultimate generator in order to generate unlimited energy for yourself and all other robots.

But beware: Other robots want the whole energy for themself and they want your energy. They will attack you and you must defend yourself!


Animations / Finetuning

All robots and weapons are fully animated. They have shot and motion animations.

Soundeffects / Music

The whole game has two soundtracks and all actions have inidividual sound effects. Various generators and tools were used for the creation. Overall, this greatly increased the mood in the game and makes this much more real.


The player loses energy. If an enemy hurts him, a part of his own energy is sucked off. After each empty space, there is a battery that charges some of its own energy.

If there is no energy left, the game has been lost.


The game was developed with the Unity3D Engine. The game can be found on Gamejolt. There is a Windows-, Mac-, Linux- and Webversion available.

The game was developed and modeled within 72 hours. I have done the programming. The models and sound effects were created by Markus Kapp, a friend of mine.


The game has become a lot harder than we thought. Overall it feels ready through the sound effects, the music and all the animations.

Project information